Monday 30th January 2023

Traditional Touch Kashmiri Galicha Carpet for Bedroom 6×4.5 Ft

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  • Kashmiri carpet with floral design and polka dots is best fit for traditional purposes like pooja room, mandir room, and for basic decoration purposes.
  • Its design and colors also a perfect fit for sofas and bedroom.
  • This carpet for bedroom floor is machine weaved made with Chenille and Polyester yarns both provides design and sturdiness.
  • Useful for indoor home decor and external use like picnic and rooftop chilling.
  • Washing Instruction: Wash with cold water using washing machine and manual hand wash, no professional cleaning required.

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Additional information

Weight 1.5 kg

Chenille, Polyester


6×4.5 Ft

Color Options

Black, Brown, Red


Floral Pattern, Polka Dot Pattern


Machine Woven

Customers' review

Rated 0.02 out of 5 stars
87 reviews
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87 reviews for Traditional Touch Kashmiri Galicha Carpet for Bedroom 6×4.5 Ft

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