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Strong Soft & Durable Velvet Touch Persian Carpet 6×4 Feet

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  • Designer Polyester & Velvet machine weaved Persian carpet for living room floor, bedroom, and pooja room comes in vibrant multicolored shades.
  • Persian rugs & carpets bring exceptional design and elegance to your home and fetch the attention of your guests.
  • High-quality fabric material brings long-lasting durability and long-lasting colors to this Kaleen.
  • Easy to carry and foldable printed outdoor carpet, lightweight to carry serves a good purpose for picnics.
  • Washing Instruction: Easy to wash with cold water, don’t use a rough brush for washing.

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Additional information

Weight 1.6 kg

6×4 Ft


0.3 Cm


Polyester, Velvet

Color Options

Black, Brown, Maroon


Persian Pattern


Machine Woven

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Rated 0.07 out of 5 stars
98 reviews
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98 reviews for Strong Soft & Durable Velvet Touch Persian Carpet 6×4 Feet

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