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Jacquard Weaved Zig Zag Pattern Carpet for Home 7×4.5 Feet

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  • This zig-zag pattern carpet for home will adore the beauty of your living room and fetches the attention of your guests.
  • This home decor item is perfect for someone who is seeking a soft rug to relax their feet after long hours of working in the office/home.
  • It is a Jacquard weaved chenille rug that ensures sturdiness, long-lasting quality, and trendy design.
  • This designer carpet comes in 3 attractive colors – red, black & grey, and brown. an ideal choice for those who want to match their carpet with their furniture and wall paint.
  • Maintenance of this rug is easy, you can wipe the dust from it using a vacuum cleaner and wash using washing-machine and manual washing with hands. Use only cold water for cleaning.

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Additional information

Weight 1.8 kg

7×4.5 Ft



Color Options

Black, Brown, Red


Contemporary Pattern


Jacquard Woven

Customers' review

Rated 0.10 out of 5 stars
52 reviews
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52 reviews for Jacquard Weaved Zig Zag Pattern Carpet for Home 7×4.5 Feet

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